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God Loves YOU! That is the Good News Gospel of Jesus Christ! The world desperately needs to hear and understand this message of Love. So, we are offering you FREE tools through this website to help show that “Love's Way is God's Way!”

In time, we hope to make available numerous teachings, words of encouragement, books, videos, and more on the amazing topic of God's unconditional, unchanging, never ending, limitless Love for YOU (which is Jesus)! This is your chance to learn what God has to say about the Love and Grace (Jesus) that He has provided for YOU! God is at work and continually revealing His Love for YOU (Jesus) in very unique and personal ways!

Remember to check back soon, and often. As Christians, we all need to be discipled in order to live, grow and mature in the Light, Life and Love of Jesus Christ!

Love's Way is provided as a Ministry of the Jesus Coalition.